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Why You Need Doctor’s Prescriptions for Antibiotics


Antibiotics are medications that are given to someone with infection. It is used to destroy or slow down bacterial growth and prevent infections from getting any more complicated. Usually, any pharmacy carrying antibiotics would require you to show a doctor’s prescription before you can purchase them.

It is a powerful medication but should be used with caution. When used irresponsibly, germs and bacteria can develop antibiotic resistance that’s why our independent pharmacy in Louisville, Kentucky is careful in dispensing them.

Misuse and abuse of antibiotics causes an increase in the number of bacterial infections that can resist the effects of antibacterial medication available to the public. Underdosing or not finishing the prescribed dosage of antibiotic can also contribute to the development of microbe resistance to antibiotics. What this means for us is that underdosing or misuse of antibiotics makes them less effective against certain types of bacteria and germs thus exposing us to risks of untreatable bacterial infections.

That’s why, Lifewell Rx Pharmacy, a community pharmacy in Kentucky, do not sell antibiotics to customers without prescription. We strictly adhere to the prescribed dosage and only dispense the number of items indicated by doctor.

It is important to get doctor’s advice when taking antibacterial medication as it can have other side effects like diarrhea, rash, yeast infections, and nausea. Taking unprescribed antibiotics may also lead to more serious side effects like life-threatening allergic reactions and C. diff infections.

For more information about antibiotics and other prescription medications, you may call or visit our retail pharmacy today.

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