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Benefits of Using Compounding Services

Benefits of Using Compounding Services

As we age, we require more and more medication to keep our bodies healthy and strong, this is also true for people with severe illnesses that have to be treated with prescription medication.

But sometimes, these medicines get discontinued or patients are allergic to some of their ingredients, making it hard to simply walk into a Retail Pharmacy and buy what they need off the shelves.

This is where our Community Pharmacy in Kentucky comes in. We have compounding services to help as many of our clients as possible.

Through compounding services, a Pharmacy can recreate certain medicines or even alter their appearance to make it easier for patients to take.

There are also other benefits to compounding services, and LIFEWELL RX PHARMACY is here to talk about them:

  • A solution to allergies

    If you or a loved one is allergic/sensitive to certain chemicals in your medicine, our pharmacy can recreate whatever it is you are currently taking, but without the offensive ingredients.

  • Access to discontinued medication

    When a company discontinues certain medication, it becomes harder for patients who need it to fill their prescriptions. Our Independent Pharmacy in Louisville, Kentucky has access to premium ingredients that can recreate these discontinued Rx medicines without any issue.

  • Make medication and treatments easier

    Some Rx medications have an unpleasant flavor, odor, or side effects. Compounding makes it so that these will no longer become an issue for the patient taking these medicines.

If you’re ever in need of compounding services, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ve got your back! Dial 502-742-5958 to get in touch.

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