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The Benefits of Custom Packaging for Your Medications


Medication adherence plays a significant role in keeping you on top of your treatment plan and ultimately recovering.

However, taking your medication is not always a straightforward process due to side effects, physical limitations, provider issues, prohibitive costs, and even time management. We know these challenges all too well as a community pharmacy in Kentucky at LIFEWELL RX PHARMACY so we have made sure to devise ways to help patients adhere to their medications.

One of the main ways we do so is through our special packaging for medications in our independent pharmacy in Louisville, Kentucky.

From having a difficult time reading your prescription labels to forgetting when you should take your medications, our special packaging service is specifically designed to address the complications and limitations that come with having to take medications. We offer bubble packs, sharp containers, centrally stored medications, and Dispill packaging, among others in our retail pharmacy to make sure that patients take their prescriptions correctly and on schedule every single time.

Here are among the benefits you can reap from getting the service in our pharmacy:

  • Special packaging improves medication adherence since it is designed to fill in the gaps where medication adherence has proven to be difficult for patients.
  • Special packaging such as blister packaging ensures safety and convenience since patients are given the exact amount of dose in sealed compartments.
  • Special packaging promotes independence especially among senior patients or those who are injured because of the added convenience and safeguards in place that ensure they can take the right dose at the right time and thereby greatly reducing the need for assistance.

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