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Medication Adherence and the Importance of Packaging

Medication Adherence and the Importance of Packaging

According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, medication non-adherence may lead to “worsening condition, increased comorbid diseases, increased health care costs, and death.” To prevent this, patients must work with a pharmacy to store prescriptions correctly.

For example, packaging plays a vital role in promoting medication adherence. A retail pharmacy may use blister packs, Dispill®, and other types of special packages to organize prescriptions and label medications according to dosage and time of intake.

As a reputable independent pharmacy in Louisville, Kentucky, LIFEWELL RX PHARMACY utilizes special packaging to help our patients adhere to their prescribed meds. Apart from medication adherence, effective packaging also offers these benefits:

  • External Damage Protection
    Several external factors can damage a medication, including pests, dust, moisture, insects, and even chemical reactions with other medications. Hence, precise packing prevents leakage, spills, and damages.
  • ,b>Medication Information
    Special packaging also includes certain labels to guide patients with their medication intake and dosage, thus avoiding over or under-dosing. With that, patients should work closely with their doctors to get accurate details regarding their medications.
  • Drug Quality
    Properly packed drugs can last longer and maintain their quality and efficacy by following FDA regulations in packing and storing medications.

Effective packaging stretches a drug’s purpose? to treat, cure, or improve one’s health. By working with an established community pharmacy in Kentucky, you can maximize the benefits of your prescribed drugs.

If you have any concerns about your medications, talk to our pharmacists at 502-742-5958.

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