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Services from Your Pharmacy You May Be Missing Out On

 Services from Your Pharmacy You May Be Missing Out On

Most of us go to the pharmacy to get our prescriptions, an occasional treat, or a toiletry item. But did you know that they can do so much more for you?

As the community’s leading independent pharmacy in Louisville, Kentucky, at LIFEWELL RX PHARMACY here are some of the services from your pharmacy that you may be missing out on:

  • Pharmacy consultations
    The pharmacists at your retail pharmacy do not only dispense your medication. They can also advise you on the proper way to take them as well as answer your questions about it.
  • Offers medical supplies
    You can also get the medical supplies you need from your community pharmacy in Kentucky. You do not need to go to a specialized medical supplier for them. Among the common supplies, you can find are diabetic care supplies, first aid kits, wound care supplies, blood pressure monitors, and nebulizers, among others.
  • Does basic compounding
    Compounding is another service you may be missing. This is the process of customizing your medications to accommodate your unique needs. Not only that, this service helps you if you have allergies to one of the ingredients of your medicine or should you like to reduce the number of tablets you take per day.
  • Accommodates special packaging
    Special packaging lessens or eliminates the hassle of carrying and taking multiple medications by re-packaging them to your preference and convenience. Through the service, you can customize your medications with different packaging such as bubble packs, dispill packaging, and sharp containers, among others.

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