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Knowing How Your Immune System Works

Knowing How Your Immune System Works

A person’s immune system is an extremely important defense mechanism that can identify invading organisms and consequently destroy them. The immune system can be triggered naturally or artificially. The latter is done by immunizations and vaccines.

Immunization prevents diseases by enabling the body to rapidly respond to an attack and enhancing the production of an immune response via immune cells to a particular harmful organism. This is done by administering vaccines, such as those available at our pharmacy.

Before you get immunized, it’s good to know first the different immune cells of your body. The primary line of defense of the body consists of external barriers that prevent organisms or pathogens from entering – skin, mucus, cilia, commensal bacteria, and lysozyme. Inside the body, cells such as phagocytes, antibodies, T-cells, B-cells, white blood cells, and acid would come into play. The body’s ability to elevate its temperature is also a response that makes internal conditions unfavorable for pathogens to survive. This is why we naturally have fevers in response to viruses or bacteria entering our bodies and over-the-counter purchases of medicines from any retail pharmacy become necessary.

An immune response may either be primary or secondary. Vaccination uses the secondary response by exposing the body to antigens of a particular pathogen and activates the immune system without causing harm or disease. While the initial response of the body to a vaccine is similar to that of the primary response upon first exposure, subsequent doses boost this response and result in the production of long-lasting antibodies and memory cells. To know more about vaccines, visit our community pharmacy in Kentucky.

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