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A Special Packaging Techniques for Promoting Adherence

A Special Packaging Techniques for Promoting Adherence

As defined by the World Health Organization, medication adherence is “the degree to which the person’s behavior corresponds with the agreed recommendations from a health care provider.” It is achieved when a patient takes the medications according to the prescribed dosage, time, frequency, and direction.

But for many, adhering to their medications is still a challenge. One way to overcome this is by having a close connection with an established provider of high-quality pharmacy services. Having said that, the services provided by LIFEWELL RX PHARMACY include special packaging services as a strategic method to promote medication adherence.

Listed below are the different kinds of packaging services offered in our community pharmacy in Kentucky.

  • Bubble Packs – It is the most commonly used medication packaging where medication doses are packed separately into its own little sealed ‘bubble’ or compartment.
  • Sharp Containers – For anyone with injectable medications, a sharps container (which is a hard plastic container) is used as a convenient solution for the safe disposal of needles, etc.
  • Centrally Stored Medications – Due to the potential danger or when it is determined as a safety hazard, medications are centrally stored in a locked place that is not accessible to others.
  • Dispill Packaging – It is a multi-dose packaging solution, a calendar-style blister card or also called an all-inclusive blister pack that is used to simplify the regimen of a patient’s medications.

To conclude, medicines are meant to improve our lives, but can also be harmful especially when not taken as they should be. For better compliance, convenience, and efficiency, contact our independent pharmacy in Louisville, Kentucky for specialized medication packaging.

Trust a retail pharmacy that serves the community today.

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